On the Road to Adventure Since 2017

We are Kira and Logan, a couple of 30 something Canadians and our pooch Holly 🐶

We are still fairly new to vanlife, and we are first time Rv’ers. We hit the road full time Novemember 1, 2017, and haven’t looked back! We are figuring it out as we go. We sold our house and most of our stuff and bought a Roadtrek Zion, she’s a fully converted 2015 Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 van.

We were both working full time, in Squamish B.C.  Our schedules never really lined up, so we barely saw eachother. We were tired of living in a gorgeous town, that we never got to enjoy, because all we did was work. We knew we wanted to travel, we were always trying to plan our next vacation. So we took action and made it happen.

So far we have logged 45000km/28000 miles, visited 22 states, and 19 national parks in the U.S. We worked our way accross Canada through 5 provinces and 2 territories and made it up to the Arctic Ocean.

We have met some of the most incredible people along the way. Travel is an amazing common interest. We get lost almost daily, we have gotten stuck and had to be dug out, pushed out or pulled out a few times. Every second hasn’t been perfect, but we love the adventure.

Next year we will be heading over to Europe to explore, still not sure if we will take our van, but we are leaning towards it.

We have always loved meeting, following and supporting other vanlifers and travellers on their journeys!

We hope to see you on down the road!

Author: Life As We Roam It

Hi! We are Kira and Logan! we have been travelling fulltime in our Roadtrek Zion since November 2017!

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